DuroFlash LED Flare Replacement

DuroFlash by RoadwaySafetyStore

The Duro-Flash is a patented item that can take being run over by the heaviest vehicle
without showing any sign of damage. The Duro Flash is used to replace the incinderary
flare and is being used widely by police, fireman, tow truck drivers and truckers.
The reasons they give for using this vary from cost savings vs. regular flares, to
environmental issues, to safety factors but regardless of why you are using these you will
see that they serve the purpose they were meant for and that is to replace the regular flare.
The great things about these besides being so durable is that they will run 6 hours on a
charge. They have 10 high power LED lights. There is no switch to break or go bad.
They have a 2 year no questions asked warranty and they hold the road when hit even in
standing water. These are a great addition to any vehicle. Look here at a video showing
these in use

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Check out here: Duroflash LED Flare Replacement


TruckerRich Says: This units are built very sturdy and come in a great storage case that also charges the units from either 12 volts or a wall outlet. I keep a set of this with me in the truck, for those late night break downs on dark roads…



View-i Cam by iCrecorp


The View-i Cam is a GPS Dash Cam that can record every thing in front of your vehicle at an 149 degree view and also the inside  of the drivers compartment. 1.3 Pixel CMOS Image Sensor. Privacy Protection both Video and Audio on/off switch. Records both Manual and Automatic Events.

I have been using the View-i Cam for several weeks now and I really like the results. I have turned the inside camera off as I do not really need to watch myself and I also turn off the sound switch. This also saves space on the SD memory card. I have recorded some pretty cool stuff. I like the Event Button that locks in what has been record so the loop will not record over it. I pretty much just leave it alone and hope I do not need to document any accidents. I am using an 8.0GB SD card. the view-i cam will take up to a 16.0 GB card 8.0GB will not get you through the whole day before it starts to loop over the early recordings. When viewing with the View-i software while connected to the internet it will show where you are on the map along with your speed. As shown below. You can also view directly with Windows Media Player. I hope to put some of the videos I’ve record on here too.

For more Info visit:  http://www.icrecorp.com/I_Creation/Home.html

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