Locking Pin Locator

The Tandem Locking Pin… Locator



Imagine you’re in hurry, it’s raining or maybe snowing, your tried or not feeling up to par and the trailer needs to be brought into legal limits. Let the Portable Locking Pin Locator insure you’re on target the first time instead of climbing in and out of the cab 6 or 7 times. Please, take a moment and see what the LPL the “Drivers Personal Spotter” has to offer.




John Backowski, CDS Director of Safety, Compliance & Training at Arizona Trucking Association Anything to limit the amount of times a driver climbs in and out of the cab is a good thing, especially in a situation where a driver is attempting to make axle weight. My experience when I was a driver for 20 years tells me this situation typically occurs in dark unlit lots and the driver usually wants to get going. Any reasonable aid a driver can have at his/her disposal is a good thing.

Keith Wertz Vice President, Loss Control Midwestern Insurance Alliance States: 

By decreasing the number of times that a driver enters and exits the cab while sliding his tandems the Locking Pin Locator minimizes exposure to falls from the truck cab, whatever the cause. The Locking Pin Locator is definitely a product that we will recommend to our policyholders. 

Paul Foster of JB HUNT states: A Million Mile driver from J B Hunt has commented how much time is saves him, how nice it is not to have to climb in and out of the truck repeatedly when sliding the tandems. He especially has liked it during poor weather to help keep him warm and dry additionally other driver are coming over and asking where to get one. This million mile driver that has been using the demo you sent us loved it.

Lance Barnhardtst Driver Owner/Operator – C.R. England States: I have used your product for a little over three months now. To say the least, I am very pleased with the LPL. No more in and out of the cab or having to wake my co-driver. The first time I used it I was a little unsure, but now I couldn’t imagine not having such a great tool to simplify sliding a load.

Deborah A., Arizona City, AZ States: Ilove the locking pin locator! My husband used to get in & out of the cab 7-8 times to adjust the tandem, now only once. 

Michael T, Burlington NC States: A wonderful product, it has cutdown on getting in and out of my cab greatly.

Benefits of the Portable Tandem Locking Pin Locator:

Reduce climbing in and out of the cab. (SAFETY)

No guesswork when sliding the tandems. (SAFETY)

Improve Driver satisfaction & concentration. (SAFETY)

Additional miles. (MONEY IN YOUR POCKET)

Reduce idling time (SAVE FUEL)



Now comes the HOW, please watch the following video…



TruckerRich Says: Looks like a great time saving product, I look forward to getting one and trying it out. I’ll be adding info on how to order yours soon. If it looks like something you would like please leave a comment.

DuroFlash LED Flare Replacement

DuroFlash by RoadwaySafetyStore

The Duro-Flash is a patented item that can take being run over by the heaviest vehicle
without showing any sign of damage. The Duro Flash is used to replace the incinderary
flare and is being used widely by police, fireman, tow truck drivers and truckers.
The reasons they give for using this vary from cost savings vs. regular flares, to
environmental issues, to safety factors but regardless of why you are using these you will
see that they serve the purpose they were meant for and that is to replace the regular flare.
The great things about these besides being so durable is that they will run 6 hours on a
charge. They have 10 high power LED lights. There is no switch to break or go bad.
They have a 2 year no questions asked warranty and they hold the road when hit even in
standing water. These are a great addition to any vehicle. Look here at a video showing
these in use

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TruckerRich Says: This units are built very sturdy and come in a great storage case that also charges the units from either 12 volts or a wall outlet. I keep a set of this with me in the truck, for those late night break downs on dark roads…