Underwood and Flinch by Mike Bennett


                                                      Vampire Novel: Underwood and Flinch

For hundreds of years the eldest born male of the Flinch family line has become the servant and protector of the vampire, Lord Underwood. But when a world-weary Underwood lays down to rest in 1958 he cannot know that now, fifty years later, the role of trusted servant and resurretor has fallen to David Flinch, a man who despises him and all he stands for, and who is convinced that a world free of vampires would be a far better place. Master and servant, vampire and guardian, Underwood and Flinch.

The below link (iTunes) is also home to Mike Bennett’s earlier podcast works including “One  Among the Sleepless”, a novel about sex, death, and noisy neighbours, Hall of Mirrors, Tales of Horror and the Grotesque, and Mike Bennett Sometimes: classic fiction and random absurdities.

TruckerRich Says: Mike has done a fantastic job put a new twist on the resent wave of vampire novels. All of the characters have their own unique quirks. Part 1 is done and Mike is currently bring out new episodes from part 2. I’m really enjoy this awesomely dark tale of Lord Underwood.

Links: underwoodandflinch.commikebennettpodcast.com/ and iTunes

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