The Hell Hole Tavern By Mark Eller

What the Hell are you doing here. Tourists? Well, business is slow so you might as well come in. I’m Baron Von Smelterhoffen. My friend over there is Lizard. This is our tavern, The Hell Hole Tavern. We don’t normally cater to your type–innocent mortals. We like murderers and assassins. We prefer hellhounds and demons and other hellkind. Our kind. Not seeing many of them anymore. They’ve gotten a bit scarace since the wars. Hardly anybody dies in here, barely three or four a week, so you should be safe enough. Come on. Step in. If you dare.

Warning: Recommended for Adult Audiences Only!!!!!!

TruckerRich Says: The intro and outro are a bit Qwirky, Preverse and Profound. Lizzy and the Baron cut it up a bit ( they cut up a few tourists too). The stories which are a group of short stories following different characters. Very well written and read, I have enjoyed the stories and how they came together.

You can find them at The Hell Hole Tavern or iTunes.

Episode Guide and Show notes.

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