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What are Podcast? And how do I get them?

“Podcast – Distribution of Media” Tee Morris writer of Podcasting for Dummies

Portable Media means just that! Its portable, you can take it with you on your travels. Whether your using an iPod, Mp3 player or now many phones are capable of storing personal media on a storage card. You can also listen on your computer and you can burn them to a CD in data or Mp3 format.

PODCASTS are audio or video shows that can be loaded to your portable device. Then played back whenever or wherever you wish to listen. You can listen with ear buds or hooked into your cars audio system. DID I MENTION PODCASTS ARE FREE? Plus there are hundreds of Free Audio Books and Short Stories.

Just about anything you can imagine, there is probably a podcast for it. Whether your into gardening, yoga, running, tech, music or endless other subjects, you’ll probably find a podcast for it. Try to Google your favorite subject plus “podcast” and see what happens.
Example: “comedy podcast”. I got over 18 million results.

Hundreds of free audio books are available by a variety of authors. A great source is

There are different ways to download podcasts. They are stored as RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication), downloaded with iTunes, Zune, windows media player, real player and winamp to mention a few. All can be downloaded for free. I use itunes and an 80 gig ipod Classic or my iPhone to listen to my favorites.

iTunes (works on Windows PC’s or Mac’s)

iTunes is a FREE and fast download. It is really a MUST have if you want to enjoy podcast and podiobooks. There are other programs that may work just as well or better, but I use and enjoy iTunes. Download iTunes at its a free, fast and easy download. You can go to the iTunes store and search for podcast. There is a comment section where you can view what other listeners have posted and you can post your own thought on the content. They have a lot of free content. You can also preview and download music for around $.99. There is also TV show and movies available. You don’t need an iPod or iPhone to listen, you can listen right on you computer (PC or Mac). You can load your whole Music Library into iTunes and then load them to your iPod/iPhone/iTouch. I have a 80 gig iPod that holds all my music, podcasts (including video) and audio books.

So why are you still here? Go download it and start listening.

Zune, if you have a Zune many of the authors sites will have links to for the Zune Store or Just do a search from the zune store page. I hope to add links for the Zune at some point… is a free to Join source of Entertainment. Just sign up and log in and your ready to down load endless hours of audio books. Free Free Free…

What are “podiobooks”?

The term podiobooks was coined by Evo Terra to describe serialized audio books which are made available in podcast format. Listeners to can choose to receive the episodes of their books via an RSS feed or by listening to episodes by directly downloading episodes from this site. Some listeners keep the audio files on their computers, some transfer the book to CD, but most transfer the file on to their mp3 player so they can listen no matter where they are.

Why are the books on free of charge? Many authors do this to get exposure for their work, others do it in the hopes you’ll buy their next work in development. Still others simply do it for the sheer joy of writing. And while it’s not required, you have the option to donate money to the author of your choice. When you consider that audio books run usually 50% more than their hardcover counterparts… we hope you’ll be generous. Authors receive 75% of all the proceeds from the donations from listeners. The smaller portion goes to the maintenance and upkeep of Click here for more info.

TruckerRich Says: I love this service. Wheather your a listener or an author Podiobooks is an Awesome Resource. The team a podiobooks does an super job, so many books so little time.[ad#ad-2]

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