Down From Ten by J Daniel Sawyer

In early January, a group of friends get together for an annual retreat; eight artists, scientists, and authors cloistered together in a mansion in the mountains above Redding, California for ten days of games, conversation, exhibition, and hedonism, while isolated from the outside world. It might all have been quite pleasant, if it weren’t for the biggest California snowstorm in over twenty years. When the storm hits, the house is buried in an avalanche, leaving our heroes with no way to hike out. Instead, they must find a way to survive and stay sane while waiting for rescue – which becomes difficult when they all start having the same dream.

A comedy in the tradition of The Shining and A Clockwork Orange, a romance in the tradition of Clue and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and a mystery in the tradition of Paint Your Wagon and Time Enough For Love, Down From Ten winds its way through genre like a worm tripping on LSD. It will thrill you a little, chill you a little, and tickle your fancy in ways you wouldn’t want your children to see.

Intended for adult audiences, this book contains strong language, sexual situations, bizarre humor, and discussions involving Klingons. Listener discretion is advised.

TRUCKERRICH SAYS: J Daniel Sawyer has created another masterpiece. Not only is the story great but the production value is Awesome. Daniel has truly mastered the art of audio production and taken it to the next level. Add in all the top notch voice actors to complete the total package. I really did not see that ending coming. Don’t miss this great tale.

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