The Gearheart by Alex White

The Gearheart by Alex White

Jonathan Andrews, Initiate in the Seekers of the Arcane Unknown, joined the society two years ago with the hopes of protecting the secrets of magic from the greedy world beyond. However, a ravening shadow appears with a hunger for Seekers and Jonathan finds himself out of his depth. When Jonathan’s friend is attacked and the young initiate is assailed with apocalyptic visions of the future, he must find a way to uncover the past and stop the beast before it tears his group, and the world, asunder. It’s a ripping tale of magic, adventure and gunfights!

TruckerRich Sayes: Alex White does a great job with this steam punk tail. The characters are super cool and I easily got enthralled in the story. The production was spotless with great voices from Alex and his wife Renée doing the female voices. The voice of Augustus sounded a lot like Christopher Walken. The old time style radio ads at the end of each episode are Role on the Floor Funny and very entertaining…

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Kronos by Jeremy Robinson

Two years after his wife’s death, oceanographer and former navy SEAL, Atticus Young, attempts to reconcile with his rebellious daughter, Giona, by taking her on the scuba dive of a lifetime-swimming with a pod of peaceful humpback whales in the Gulf of Maine.  But the beauty of the sea belies a terror from the deep-a horrific creature as immense as it is ancient. There is no blood, no scream, no fight. Giona is swallowed whole by the massive jaws. Only Atticus remains to suffer the shame of the survivor and his inconsolable grief turns to an unquenchable thirst for revenge.

Drawn by the spectacle, Trevor Manfred, a ruthless billionaire, approaches Atticus with a proposition: Trevor will make available all the advanced technology of his heavily armed mega-yacht, the Titan, to aid Atticus in his death-quest. In return, Trevor is to receive the beast’s corpse as the ultimate hunting trophy.  But in the midst of the hunt, Atticus makes a terrifying discovery that changes the way he sees the ocean’s creatures and begs the question: what is Kronos? The answer sets him on a new and much more deadly course.

Produced and narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

TruckerRich Says: I really enjoyed Jeremy’s story, great twist on the story of Jonah and the Whale. Loved the characters and the story kept me on the edge of my truck seat, as I listened to it in 2 days. This book is complete and ready for download.

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Checkwolf by Remy Gibson

Checkwolf is a crimefighting organization, a group of talented vigilantes who have come together to battle corruption in their own way. Led by the enigmatic Sean Matts, this group of a dozen skilled men venture out into a small-scale area in the fictional metropolis named Kewanee, righting wrongs that the police are unable to touch. Initially, they operate from a small garage owned by one of the Checkwolf members, the epitome of a minor operation. But Sean Matts has a greater vision for his group, one that will take them from their humble beginnings and turn them into a force to be feared.

The Checkwolf series is a collection of stories chronicling the activities of Checkwolf’s third phase, from its mainstream recognition to its full integration. Book 1 is a group of general stories: getting to know Checkwolf and their methods as they gain mainstream recognition, watching them learn and adapt to new situations.

TruckerRich Says: Remy Gibson has created an interesting and imaginative story. I had a hard time gripping the story in my mind until I pictured as a comic book style story, such as Batman and Spider-man. I am looking forward to hearing the rest of these books.

Recommended for mature audiences due to the violence…

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Anatomy of Fear by Jonathan Santlofer

Nate Rodriguez is a police sketch artist for the NYPD, and his success rate is high, with one out of three of his drawings leading to an arrest. But when he is faced with an unusually talented killer, he realizes that he may have met his match. For this killer is a man very much like himself–a man who sees and thinks in pictures. A killer who leaves drawings at the crime scenes depicting his murders in chilling, gory–and prescient–detail. As Nate’s portraits become more and more accurate images of the madman–the killer finds a way to steal Nate’s portraits and then imitate Nate’s own hand. The conflicting evidence leads the police to suspect that Nate himself could be the killer and pushes Nate into a frightening cat and mouse chase for his quarry. Life and death, art and artifice have never been so vividly bound together. Jonathan Santlofer pushes the boundaries of the thriller to new heights with this masterful blend of art and suspense. With sequential sketches that alternate throughout the text–first the killer’s, then Nate’s–Santlofer teases us with irresistible clues and psychological details delivered in a highly original way.

TruckerRich Says: This is an Awesome story, Jonathan does a great job with some wonderful characters and a really great plot. I really like this crime drama and the way Jonathan mixes his art background and his writing skills.    Warning recommended for mature audiences.

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Harvey by Phil Rossi

Television singing sensation Calvin Hubbard has been caught with his hand in cookie jar. An illicit affair with a contest judge costs him not only the competition crown, but his musical credibility as well. Fleeing the media fallout, Calvin exiles himself to the backwoods town of Harvey, Virginia. With a little solitude and a lot of cheap beer, he plans to write the next great rock and roll album and resurrect his career. But Calvin doesn’t know that a man has just been buried alive in the woods outside of town, and that this quiet murder is just the first in a string of macabre events. As the town goes silently mad around him, Calvin is unable to abandon the record of his dreams. Drunk on inspiration and blinded by an inexplicable lust, he careens headlong into the maelstrom, only to discover that he may be the town’s only salvation. Something is alive in the trees—an ageless, nameless evil—and it’s coming for everyone in Harvey. Now Calvin has to decide whether to run or to stay and fight… if it isn’t already too late.
“…sexy and full of scares. Harvey is dark, well-crafted, and downright menacing.” -Philippa Ballantine, award-winning author of Chasing the Bard
Phil Rossi breaks new ground with Harvey–visit for the Harvey Sessions–the very album that Calvin Hubbard is composing and recording at the Little Rock Motel. Listen as the record’s tracks take form and evolve from idea, to demo, to fully arranged song as impacted by the events in the novel.

TruckRich Says: Like Phil Rossi other novel Crescent,  Harvey is a very well written and preformed story. Be prepared to be scared… This podiobook is complete and ready for you to download now.

Recommended for mature audiences only. Not for the faint of heart…

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 My other reviews of Phil’s work: Crescent and Eden

Fried Green Zombies by John A. Allen


Chett and Harry are two recently unemployed construction workers on their way to a weekend of beer, Southern Comfort, and frog gigging at their musty-rusted 1970’s RV parked at their favorite hunting camp when they stumble on Bob, the mysterious, busty, burqa-clad, non-English speaking beauty just standing in the middle of nowhere on the side of dusty Nine Mile Cutoff in rural Bovina, Mississippi.

Then all hell breaks loose. Their favorite pond is missing. They’re being chased by truck driving zombies, dirty cops, UFOs and other ne’er-do-wells. Someone stole Chett’s jacked up Scottsdale four-by-four. Zombies are traipsing around their trailer, and crazy Uncle Crank is trying to feed them zombie chicken for dinner.

Aided by a classic computer nerd, a crazy man wielding a frying pan, and a space babe who gets nekkid any time someone turns out the lights, follow Chett and Harry as they battle their way across the rural countryside and ultimately save the world.

Why is their pond missing, and why did the Dodge of Death spring from the muddy crater left in its center?  Who is Bob and why is she so good with shotguns? Why are they being chased by two really skinny, pale, bald, goatee-clad wierdo’s?  What is the dirty county sheriff hiding?  And will Chett and Harry ever make it out alive?

Warning rated R for Textual Nudity, Language, and Graphic Violence!

TruckerRich Says: I really liked Jon Allen’s Zombie story. The characters voices were a bit twangy at first, once you got use to them, they were entertaining. This was a very interesting Zombie story that was fun to listen to. I hope John comes out with some more Podiobooks soon.

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Underwood and Flinch by Mike Bennett


                                                      Vampire Novel: Underwood and Flinch

For hundreds of years the eldest born male of the Flinch family line has become the servant and protector of the vampire, Lord Underwood. But when a world-weary Underwood lays down to rest in 1958 he cannot know that now, fifty years later, the role of trusted servant and resurretor has fallen to David Flinch, a man who despises him and all he stands for, and who is convinced that a world free of vampires would be a far better place. Master and servant, vampire and guardian, Underwood and Flinch.

The below link (iTunes) is also home to Mike Bennett’s earlier podcast works including “One  Among the Sleepless”, a novel about sex, death, and noisy neighbours, Hall of Mirrors, Tales of Horror and the Grotesque, and Mike Bennett Sometimes: classic fiction and random absurdities.

TruckerRich Says: Mike has done a fantastic job put a new twist on the resent wave of vampire novels. All of the characters have their own unique quirks. Part 1 is done and Mike is currently bring out new episodes from part 2. I’m really enjoy this awesomely dark tale of Lord Underwood.

Links: and iTunes

Also Check out: One Among the Sleepless


Down From Ten by J Daniel Sawyer

In early January, a group of friends get together for an annual retreat; eight artists, scientists, and authors cloistered together in a mansion in the mountains above Redding, California for ten days of games, conversation, exhibition, and hedonism, while isolated from the outside world. It might all have been quite pleasant, if it weren’t for the biggest California snowstorm in over twenty years. When the storm hits, the house is buried in an avalanche, leaving our heroes with no way to hike out. Instead, they must find a way to survive and stay sane while waiting for rescue – which becomes difficult when they all start having the same dream.

A comedy in the tradition of The Shining and A Clockwork Orange, a romance in the tradition of Clue and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and a mystery in the tradition of Paint Your Wagon and Time Enough For Love, Down From Ten winds its way through genre like a worm tripping on LSD. It will thrill you a little, chill you a little, and tickle your fancy in ways you wouldn’t want your children to see.

Intended for adult audiences, this book contains strong language, sexual situations, bizarre humor, and discussions involving Klingons. Listener discretion is advised.

TRUCKERRICH SAYS: J Daniel Sawyer has created another masterpiece. Not only is the story great but the production value is Awesome. Daniel has truly mastered the art of audio production and taken it to the next level. Add in all the top notch voice actors to complete the total package. I really did not see that ending coming. Don’t miss this great tale.

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ANCESTOR By Scott Sigler

Watch this amazing trailer for the book Ancestor by Scott Sigler

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Please help Scott get to the top on the New York times best seller list by buying the book Ancestor. Scott has given us so much free content over the years, and he will continue to do so. Please help us support Scott. check out my INDEX  above for more great Sigler novels and great works from others.

Weather Child by Philippa Ballantine

New Zealand’s first podiobook author, Philippa Ballantine, brings her first tale set totally in homeland. Step back in time and sideways into an alternate world, where magicians and seraphim are found only on the shores of the Long White Cloud. Between two world wars, Jack and Faith find themselves unravelling a conspiracy to turn the Awakened children of Aoteroa to dark purposes.

TRUCKERRICH SAYS: Another great story from Pip. I enjoy her story telling and characters. Great history from New Zealand, makes me want to visit. Even if it is all fantasy! This story is complete!

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Other podiobooks: Chasing the Bard


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