Urban Cow 1/2 Marathon October 6, 2013

Urban Cow 2013- 13.74 Miles An Udderly Long 1/2 Marathon, Sacramento, California

I ran my second Half Marathon on October 6th 2013. I had not been training to run this race and have just start training for a full Marathon. My longest run was 6 miles a few weeks before and then an 8 mile run the week before. This race was kind of a last minute decision, my step-son Jim and his fiance Sandra were signed up, so I thought I would join them.
Race morning was the start of a beautiful day. The race started and finished at William Land Park in Sacramento. The first wave started at 8am and second wave Started 10 minutes later. ( We were in the second wave). I got off to a good start staying behind the 2:15 pacer, that group slowly pulled away. Still felling good till the call of nature hit about mile 5, and finding the pot-a-potties at mile 6, had a short wait and a quick stop I was off and running again. A short run thru the downtown mall, thru a tunnel under I-5 to Old Town Sacramento. At the half way point they had a relay station set up, soon after that we would be passed by the fresher runner that had just started running. Kind of a joy kill! Still feeling good till about mile 9, Then my hamstrings and gluts (thighs and butt) started getting really tight. Slowing to walk for a short few steps to rest and managed to run in at a slower pace. Since this race is a little more than a 1/2 mile longer than most halfs, I was still pleases with my 2 hour 25 minute finish.

Lessons Learned
1. Training is important. My first Half I trained with Fleet Feet and we gradually add miles each week.
2. Have a plan and goals! After my first half, I kept running but since I had nothing planned I ran, with no set goals. That makes it very easy to goof off and get out of the grove and yes, lazy!

Whats next?
I am currently training for a full marathon. The Redding Marathon on January 19th 2014 in Redding California. Yes that 26.2 miles I’m setting a finishing goal of 5 hours (or less).
I also signed up and completed my 3rd Half on October 27, 2013. Watch for my next post (That Dam(n) Run).

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Shamrock’N 1/2 Marathon 2013

On March 17, 2013, I ran my first half marathon. It was a very exciting day, having trained for ten weeks with the Fleet Feet store in Redding, California. Building up miles, and meeting some great local runners. On race day there was excitement in the air as 7500 runners met at Raley Field in Sacramento, CA. The race started in 4 waves, 15 minutes apart, I was in the 3rd wave and started at 08:15 AM. I started near the front of the group, I was feeling really good and started at a fair pace while my muscles warmed up. My first mile pace was 10:53, still feeling really good and pumped. I picked my pace up to a 10:30-10:45 though mile 7. Slowing a bit in mile 8 to a 10:59 may have been due to a elevation increase on the course. Mile 9 10:49, mile 10 10:57, mile 11 11:07, mile 12 11:27, picked up a bit for mile 13 10:51
My official time was 02:24:15.90, pace was 11:01, finished 3588 out of 7500.
I couldn’t have been happier, it was a very beautiful day. I was pumped up with excitement, I’m sure that helped a lot. All the training must have paid off, my muscles, worked and felt great. I really felt it the last mile, not hurting, just not able to pick up the pace. The last 100 feet or so I was able to sprint to the finish line.
All in all, it was a truly Awesome experience. There were Rock Bands every mile along the course, which added to the fun and excitement. Looking forward to doing it again next year. Maybe training for a full marathon in the years to come.
Thanks to all the volunteers, police officers and onlookers whom made this event so special.
Also thank’s to my wife for all her support of all my running efforts, and to Truckin’ Runners group on Facebook for their encouragement.

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