New Bicycle


As part of my Cross Training, I started riding my bike. On my first ride my right arm and hand was getting numb. By the end of my ride my hand was very numb and I could hardly shift. After looking up this condition as related to riding a bike, it pointed improper posture and ride form. I went to my local bike shop and found out my frame was way to small for me 17.5 inches. Needless to say, I needed an upgrade. I tried a 21 inch Specialized Hardrock with 29 inch tires. Wow it was so easy to pedal and a very smooth ride. I took the bike out for about a 12 mile ride, it was great and I road up a very steep path. The low gear and the large tires made the steep hill easy. I still had some numbness but not nearly as bad, I may have some issue with my wrist that’s causing the problem.

Later Fellow Life Travelers…

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