Frosty Fun Runs 2013

The Frosty Fun Runs are a series of runs on Saturday morning at 8AM from January 5th thru March 9rd, 2013 Registration only on race day $3.00 Race Ran or Shine. They have a short and longer run/walk
01/05- Lake Redding Park–2M or 4.3M my finish 4.3M–81st- 00:42:22 pace 09:51
01/12- Lema Ranch———2.5M or 4M my finish 4M—-93rd- 00:39:43 pace 09:56
01/26- Fleet Feet————2M or 5.5M my finish 5.5M–75th- 00:54:11 pace 09:51
02/02- Clover Creek———3K or 6K my finish 6K—- 80th- 00:35:39 pace 09:36
Wow, I was very happy with this finish!
02/09- Lema Ranch———2.5M or 4M my finish 4M—-73rd- 00:40:05 pace 10:01
pulled up lame in the last mile with a major muscle pain in my left calf!
02/16- Fleet Feet————2M or 5.5M my finish 5.5M—69th 00:55:59 pace 10:11
slow than last run here?
02/23- Clover Creek——–3K or 6K my finish 6K—-76th 00:38:48 pace 10:25
ran slow with muscle pains calf, glut and ham…
03/02- NorCal John Frank (separate entry) I did not participate in the Nor-cal…
03/09- Frosty Championship 2M or 4.3 Lake Redding Park
my finish 69th 00:42:00 pace 09:47 felt good, had a great run…
Looking forward to next year and seeing my improvement.

Director John Luaces

Later Fellow Life Travelers… Get out there, keep moving and making health choices!

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor or Nutritionist. Please visit your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.