That Dam(n) Run, 1/2 Marathon Trail Run, Cool CA, October 27, 2013

I ran my 3rd 1/2 Marathon and first Trail Run. That Dam(n) Run which really lives up to its name, with over 1767 total elevation gains. Most of the climb came between mile 4.25 and mile 6.5, this climbs involved lots of walking(see graph below). Trail running is a whole different sport from what I’m use to doing, which is flat paved or street running with shorter hills. Running and dancing a round rocks on narrow trails, works out a whole different muscle group than I’m use to using. I was pretty spent and sore by the finish which took me 3 hours and 1 minute to finish, that was about the time I expected to finish in. There are some inherent dangers in trail running, mainly trip over rocks in the trails, I tripped over 3, 2 toe stubs and 1 almost bad fall that I managed to save myself from going all the way down. Close to the end I hooked up with 2 other runners and we managed to miss a turn on the course and luckily some runners behind, hollered at us before we got to far off course. The last miles were gruling, with lots of walking. The experience was a great one, although I have no plans on doing another one in the near future or beyond. I’ll stick to running on the flats for now.

Thanks to my race support team, my wonderful wife, Judi and Bryce and Brooke my supportive grandkids for hanging out and braving the cold for 3 hours while I ran.


Whats next?
I am currently training for a full marathon. The Redding Marathon on January 19th 2014 in Redding California. Yes that 26.2 miles I’m setting a finishing goal of 5 hours (or less).

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