First 5K

September 1, 2012


Since we were coming to Florida for vacation, I signed up for a 5K race in Naples, FL.
Golf Coast Runners, Pilot Club/John Clay 5K

Running on my own, I ran a 5K in about 38-39 minute. At the event, I posted a 34:49.5, it was a very flat course, It was pretty hot and the humidity was high also. There were 481 runners and I crossed the line 424, finishing 8th in my age group. There were runners of all ages from very young kids to runners in their 80’s. One lady, 74 finished seconds after me and was actually ahead of me most of the race! I felt really good about my race and finish considering I have only been running about a month.

Looking forward to my next run!

Catch Ya Later Friends…