I found this great YouTube Video by Conor Daniel Santry.

Conor has some really awesome videos, I will put a link to his channel below.

Conor  has done an amazing job putting together some great research and science behind the ketogenic lifestyle


Conor Daniel Santry’s YouTube Channel:

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Doctor or Nutritionist, I do not recommend you start any course of action without first consulting your doctor and doing tons of research. All information provided for research and entertainment purposes only.


  1. Hi Trucker Rich – You passed me recently on I5; headed toward the Red Bluff Walmart DC for a drop delivery (drive Heartland truck 11967) … just to introduce me as a fellow driver (20 yrs OTR), like you struggling to prevent the demons of metabolic syndrome from ravaging my body.
    My basic point – please get a medical, standard of practice, viewpoint on the keto-genic diet. There are many down-sides to this very old (tried and rejected) diet, being re-packaged in pseudo-scientific jargon and attractive marketting.
    A great source of scientifically reliable information, not tainted by financial self-interest, is nutrititionist/dietician Samantha Heller (author 2 helpful books/masters graduate in the science of nutrition). She’s got an entertaining, even delightful, call-in, radio program 0900-1100 (PST) every Friday on DoctorRadio, XM Sirius radio. But you can call her up without being an XM subscriber at 877.698.3627; she’s fun, nonargumentative.
    I’m 63, at 22 BMI, 110/70 BP, 5.6 A1C, take no meds, got no diabetes or pre-diabetes, no heart disease, no sleep apnea, find time to exercise daily, eat a largely plant-based, Mediterranean diet, and have been following her recommendations for 8 years.
    I chatted with Samantha recently about the keto-genic diet, Her three big points – the diet is UNSUSTAINABLE; and second, the very real health problems associated with carbohydrates are the over-consumption of highly-processed carbs so prevalent in our American/ factory-food diet. Minimal preparation of unprocessed carbohydrates is a healthy component of a sustainable, health-promoting diet. And third, the keto-genic diet is associated with development of fatty liver (not a good thing).
    I got no horse in this race – just want to point out something that works over the long haul.
    Randolph Proksch

    • Great points Ralph and thanks for contacting me. I’ve been doing pretty much nonstop research on the ketogenic diet for the last 4 months. I find no basis in the fatty liver claim, I do in fact eat a large amount of vegetables daily. I also know of people that have been Keto for many year, 10 to 20 years in fact. Everyone’s body is different and we must monitor and find what works for our own individual needs.

      If you would like to stay in touch, I’m Rich Berry (TruckerRich) on Facebook.

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