Keto on Vacation?

Just a quick note. I came back from a 3 day Cruise to the Bahamas with all you can eat food and all you can drink bars. Trying to stay on track was not really hard, but also not super easy either. So many foods I could not eat, tons of carb and sugar laden foods. I stuck pretty much to Coors Light and Rum and Diet Coke. There was also lots of foods I could eat, including meats, cheeses, vegetables and salads. Finding food I could eat was not a problem, eating too many times a day, was! (Including going to a buffet when we got back home).   I fasted the day before and weighed in at 207. The morning after coming home my weight was 216. I may fast before going home to California , or just do Intermediate Fasting. I’m actually still on vacation in Florida, we fly home Friday and go back to work on Monday. I can resume my regular Keto diet and cut out alcohol consumption! 08/23/16

Weight update 211 08/24/16


I will keep you all updated, come back soon!

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