The Spirit of Rock 1/2 Marathon Folsom CA November 24, 2013

This was my 4th and final 1/2 marathon for 2013
The half marathon started at the Folsom State Recreation Offices and utilize the American River Bike Trail to the Light Transit parking lot next to Folsom Blvd. The course is a net negative elevation gain race run entirely on the paved bike path. The trail starts off with about a 3 mile down hill, but ends with the last few miles at a slight upgrade. I still managed a pretty good time, while catching and pass a few runners, I had my eye on a father and son group. The father looked like he was having some leg issues and would stop to stretch, but I never could quite catch them.
Finish time 02:20:34 10.43 pace. 61st out of 119 runners.

Thanks again to my race support team Judi with Bryce and Brooke again in tow. We stayed at a motel right next to the finish, so they all got to sleep in while I was running. We walked around old Folsom and had a good breakfast.

Brooke took this photo of me right by the finish.


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