Diet Update August 19th

August 19, 2012 Weight 201.7 Body Fat 25.9 Only 4 more pounds to go to be at pre-vacation weight.

Run/Walk 13.62 Cycling 13.04 And Running 3.14 miles in 39 minutes on Sunday.

Yes I finally ran or jogged, I’ll call it running, straight through without stopping a 5K distance. Then I walked the rest of the way to Starbuck’s and home for another 3.82 miles. Then to church and shopping for a couple hours. Man were my legs tired, Monday is my usual rest day and I had a muscle cramp in my right calf most of the day. I ran again Tuesday my legs felt good, but I still have a leg cramp or tight muscle as I write this, not too bad though. I will probably rest again tomorrow. We are heading to Florida at the end of the month for our next vacation. I plan on keeping up with my running and may even join a 5K run in Naples on September 1st.

Later Fellow Life Travelers…

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor or Nutritionist. Please visit your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.

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